🖼️Tank Items & Decorations

Fish-Tank Contracts

Genesis-Fish love prestige. For their legendary look they need legendary items to showcase their beauty. To design the tank, the system provides off-chain items (decorations) which are free to obtain and the Fish-Tank-Item NFTs which are mintable with PEARL$. The Fish-Tank-Item NFTs can directly effect the look, behaviour or prestige of the tank it is placed in. The contract is built so the society can add as many item-categories as needed. The parameters for creating a category are the price in pearl$ and the maximum supply which is capped at 1000 items.

Token Standard: ERC721

Blockchain: Ethereum main-net

Max Supply: unlimited

Contract Address: 0x85caE2eB2fCB1F4816259559d815Da76dF82F325

Create TX:0x5a45450c59c0ae356c92533efdeec6bd8b43a2038fae448ee998b0e22a37e78d


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