Tank System

You can find the latest build of the tank here: https://fish-tank.io/membertank.html

The Tank is a webGL built in unity engine, it integrates metamask through chainsafe. Its built for desktop, but some mobile devices are able to open it. You can find a fullscreen option on the bottom-right of the page

After loading the game click on the "Member Login" button to connect with metamask or join the tank as guest if you don't own any Genesis-Fish NFT.

The membertank is the headquarter of all sealife. From here you can get to all other sections of the tank, through the day most of the fish are here flexing their basecolors.

Each NFT of the fish-tank ecosystem is represented in the tanksystem. Those who belong to you will always follow your mouse and they will switch tank with you. There are 7 community tanks and 1110 single tanks.

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