Fish-tank.io's vision is on one hand to help offline artists to digitize their art in order to reach a broader audience and let these artists participate in the raising value of their masterpieces while on the other hand also contributing to restoring our marine life. To foster this vision while at the same time creating an interesting investment opportunity, the Hedrich Art Society's Artists created a unique set of 1'111 Genesis Fish NFTs with 170+ hand drawn traits, digitally mixed up to make each fish a unique piece of art with a random number of accessories with different rarities. These accessories are reflected in its appearance as well as in its description. Although every combination is unique, 25% have rarer traits and 5% are legendary fish with very rare traits. Besides of owning a nice art collectible the holder of at least one Fish-Tank NFT also participates in all of the benefits that a membership in the Fish-Tank.io metaverse offers.