It’s 2021 and there are still millions of fish living in the sea. Let’s take a closer look. The little clownfish – let’s call him Larry – has just hatched. He doesn’t know that years ago he could have had millions of siblings; today he only has his brother Barry. He’s totally excited to discover his home, the beautiful reef. After a short swim, however, he realises that half the reef is dead. Horrified, he returns to the anemone to tell his brother about it – but Barry is already floating at the surface, bottom up, wrapped in a plastic bag. This is just one sad story among thousands every day. Keep your virtual sealife on fish-tank.io - Let’s get engaged in helping marine life recover.
The fish-tank.io brand was founded with unique hand-drawn and randomly generated 2D fish NFT social avatars for your online Web3 experiences, which add up to fun game-like collectibles with extra benefits. They are intended both as avatars for two-dimensional space and as playable avatars in our Metaverse. The Member-Tank opens up the opportunity to play games, customize your Fish-Tank and meet other NFT lovers & collectors. On November 11, 2021, 1111 very unique and randomly generated fish popped up from the stormy NFT ocean. Since that day, Fish-Tank.io has continuously evolved to form a strong core community.
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